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Hello everyone! My name is Javier (but everyone calls me Jay) I was born in Chile 28 years ago. Initially, I studied engineering in risk prevention, but I discovered that it was not my thing. It was in 2017 when my life took an unexpected turn: while I was studying my degree in Chile, I met my wife (who is from Northern Ireland) who was teaching English at my University. We fell in love and in 2022 we decided to get married and start a new life in Newcastle.

After moving to the UK, I decided to take English classes to improve my level. Several months passed and I was looking for what to do when an interesting opportunity presented itself: teaching! I never imagined that it would be so fun and interesting. My musical skills and my passions for hobbies proved to be a great help in making the classes entertaining and dynamic.

What I enjoy the most is giving students a space to practice Spanish in a country where English is mainly spoken.

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