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Lola from Trebujena (Cádiz, Andalucía)

I achieved my bachelor degree in Journalism (University of Seville) in 2010. However, soon disappointed by the current affairs in the profession, I took a change in my career path. I have always been interested in languages so I decided to take a Spanish teaching course. After obtaining my Spanish Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CLIC International House) in November of 2011, I worked as a Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher until July 2012, when I moved to Newcastle upon Tyne. I loved working at CLIC International House as it allowed me to teach people from all nationalities and ages.


 Once I obtained my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Secondary Spanish (University of Cumbria) in July 2015, I started working in schools around the North East as a supply teacher. After that, I worked in a school language for nearly two years. There I taught both adults and children. It was a great way of specialising on teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to English students. I am now much more aware of the problems and mishaps that British students tend to have while studying Spanish, and how to help them overcoming these.


 My teaching experienced have confirmed my belief that teaching is one of the most challenging and demanding, but also varied careers there are. I enjoy working in a job where I can have the privilege of sharing my love of languages.


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